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HIX Heat Presses

For easy browsing, you can click on any thumbnail picture below and go directly to a detailed information page, dealing with that heat press.

Also Important To You - Because you are interested in dependable HIX heat presses, you may also be interested in learning about the T-shirt business, sublimation or the awards business. We offer free classrooms on each subject.. These tutorial web sites are written to teach you about Inkjet Sublimation for items like mugs, mouse pads, tiles, etc., heat transfer paper for the T-shirt Business and Laser Printer Sublimation for the awards and trophy business.

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HIX Heat Presses
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16x2015x15Air AutosHobby press
Cap PressMug Press Label 20x25 Presses
Auto OpeningTwin Presses   Mug Wraps Reel 2 Reel

16” x 20” Heat Press Machines

Swingman 20P
This revolutionary
16x20 swing-away
heat press sets a new
standard for the entire
heat press industry
This 16x20 auto-open heat press does not need an air compressor and features a quick release manual
override, when needed.
Click here for more information.. HT-600P
At 16x20, the HT-600 is the bigger "brother" of the HT-400. If you need a bigger press, this is it.
Click here for more information.. Swingman20e
At 16x20, this is the big "brother" of the Swingman15. If you need a bigger press, this is it.

15" x 15" Heat Press Machines

Click here for more information.. HT-400P
This 15x15 press is an absolute work-horse.
We use one ourselves, to make our samples.
Click here for more information.. Swing-Man
At 15x15, this swing-away press is the cheapest of its type, on the market

Air Automatic Heat Presses
(these presses require an air compressor)

Click here for more information.. N-880D
This 16x20 commercial press is intended for very high volume needs and is HIX's top of the line.
Click here for more information.. N-680D
This 15x15 air automatic press is successfully used in thousands of shops, across the world
Click here for more information.. HIX Shuttle System
This attachment can increase productivity for many shops

Very Large & Twin Table
Commercial Heat Presses

Click here for more information.. SwingMan 25P
This 20x25 all digital swing-away press is very easy to open close and is our lightest very large format press.

SwingMan 25D Twin

This 20x25 heat press features two lower tables for maximum production

Click here for more information.. SwingMan Stand
For all SwingMan presses, including the- SwingMan 20P& 25P, 20P Twin & 25P Twin
SwingMan 20P Twin

This 16x20 heat press features two lower tables for maximum production

Specialty Commercial Heat Presses

R2R heat press R45T Roll to Roll Label Press

This roll to roll label press is designed for those who need fast and efficient tagless label pressing

Mug WrapMug Wraps

Mug wraps are an economical alternative to mug press machines.

Specialty Heat Presses

Hobby Heat Press

Click here for more information.. Hobby Lite
At 9x12 and 28 lbs., this is not only a very good portable press it is also surprisingly efficient.

Cap Heat Press

Click here for more information.. B-250D
Cap Press

At 31 lbs. this all digital cap press is our lightest cap press and comes with a free Teflon blanket attachment, to guard against stains and hold your work in place.

Label Press

Click here for more information.. FH-3000D
This 4x6 label press provides offers convenience for for small items and hard to reach places on larger items

Mug Specialty Glazer
Only needed with dye sub ribbon printers and color laser copier heat transfers

Click here for more information..MG-500
The MG-500 Glazer is used with color laser copier and dye sublimation transfers. It isn't needed for inkjet sublimation

What we offer our heat press customers…

  • We are one of the largest HIX heat press distributors in the world and are totally familiar with all of their presses. Call us at 800-908-9916 or Send us an Email.

  • We stock 98% of all HIX heat presses and ship the same day ordered (if in the morning) or, at the latest, the next day.

  • We provide solid, practical advice on heat press selection and operation, based on several decades of actually using heat presses.

  • When you call us, you will speak to owners Jack Franklin or Roy Hinkle, not a salesperson who has never used a heat press in the "real world".

  • While all heat presses are discount priced, we have been told that our freely shared knowledge and experience is even more valuable.

  • Para mas informacion en Español, por favor contacte Ernesto Espinel al 770-262-4462 o ernie@sublimationcartridge.com

Alpha Supply Company
"Providing products and information to help you succeed"

We provide information on twelve web sites, to help you succeed. Knowledge is power and the keys to your success. The better the facts that you have, the better your decisions will be for you, so we offer a lot of facts.

Study the web sites that interest you and then call us for even more detailed information

The site in Red, is the site you are on. Your learning tour starts with the site map.
There is a description of each site. Just click on the link in the correct box.

More of the 40-year HIX success story…

Here are three reasons why we think HIX has prospered, decade after decade-

SAFETY: Electrical parts in standard HIX heat presses are ETL (Electrical Testing Laboratory) certified and approved. In the equipment world, ETL certification is not only expensive but requires confirming to very strict manufacturing procedures and electrical requirements.

RELIABILITY: While not space age in appearance, HIX presses are like the fabled Timex watches of old. We swear, you could kick the sucker and it would just keep on tickin'. In our former retail years, we used a heat press similar to the HT-400 for 12 years. During that time we replaced the thermostat once.

DURABILITY: Many of our customers refer to the solid construction of HIX heat presses as being almost "bullet-proof." We have T-shirt shops and trophy companies that have pressed thousands of items, with the same press. The presses are so highly thought of that they have one of the highest resale values on the market.

At Alpha Supply Company we are totally committed to successfully helping you select exactly the right products to fit your needs, and to allow you to grow. This commitment is reinforced with decades of "real world" experience.

You are welcome to call us and discuss your needs at (800) 908-9916.

Happy Pressing!
Jack Franklin & Roy Hinkle


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