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Cap Press

B-250 Cap Press As with all digital HIX presses, the B-250D cap press features a reliable automatic timer, buzzer, digital heat controls and consistent pressure adjustments.

The fast-heating head, strong support base, simple operation and "tuck it under your arm" portability of the B-250D cap press makes it ideal for high volume or occasional users, as well as mobile retail users. Plug it in, turn it on, and in minutes you are ready.

The B-250D has a lifetime warranty on the heater element, one year warranty on the other components and is US and Canada ETL (Electrical Testing Laboratory) certified for safety.

The Teflon blanket bracket attachment, shown attached to the B-250D is provided free of charge. This highly useful attachment prevents transfer shifting when clamping the press, eliminates most possible scorching and keeps dye and adhesive from staining the heating element.

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Alpha Gold transfer on cotton cap

The B-250D comes with an intermediate sized golf cap (3x5.5) lower platen. You may also purchase the larger ball cap platen, or smaller youth cap platen for only $63.00 each.

Serious users have found that having and switching lower platens more than pays for itself. Heating and clamping a cap on the wrong size platen can cause stretching or wrinkling on the front of the cap.

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ArTainium Ink on a polyester cap

To demonstrate the reliability and productivity of the B-250D, we will close with an interesting story.

A long-time imprinter and nice, older gentleman called us to purchase an air automatic. His old manual HIX heat press was working fine but he said his business had grown to the point that he was "working too blamed much" and wanted something faster.

Well, mama didn't raise no fool, so after he placed his order we hopefully asked him if we could help him with anything else. His exact words were, "well the only other thing I use is my HIX cap press and it ain't but 14 years old and works jes fine, so I won't be needing another one."

*Free UPS ground shipping to the
48 contiguous US states

Digital Cap Heat Press

31 lbs. - Ships UPS ground - 450 Watts- 4 Amps (110V)

Our price $665.00

Digital Cap Press Deal

Includes press, plus the two optional lower platen sizes.

Our price $800.00

If you have any questions call
(800) 908-9916